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My Noise is Nothing
Lord Of The Isles & Ellen Renton
AD 93
Catalogue Number
Release Date
September 29, 2023

‘My Noise is Nothing’ is the collaborative LP between Lord of The Isles and Scottish poet Ellen Renton, set for release on the 29th September 2023.

For the pair, both the poems and music came to them in a quick and concentrated period.

Renton's poems were written during 2020 and capture something of that time- that feeling of having no obstacles between ourselves and our emotions. Especially the feeling of anger, which is expressed by Renton as a feeling that is not wholly negative but complicated, necessary, unifying and even joyful.

Likewise, Lord Of The Isles’ dusky and unfurling production refuses obstacles- embracing experimental live recordings using pedals and vintage synths. It is warm and fuzzy, but most importantly organic, with all the imperfections and character of a living entity.

Digital Tracklist

  1. 1 Let the Colours Flood In 5:57 Buy

    Let the Colours Flood In

  2. 2 A Discovery (feat. Ellen Renton) 5:36 Buy

    A Discovery (feat. Ellen Renton)

  3. 3 For a Burning World (feat. Ellen Renton) 5:57 Buy

    For a Burning World (feat. Ellen Renton)

  4. 4 A Portrait (feat. Ellen Renton) 6:57 Buy

    A Portrait (feat. Ellen Renton)

  5. 5 Last Day 4:07 Buy

    Last Day

  6. 6 Don't You Ache (feat. Ellen Renton) 3:26 Buy

    Don't You Ache (feat. Ellen Renton)

  7. 7 My Noise is Nothing (feat. Ellen Renton) 5:08 Buy

    My Noise is Nothing (feat. Ellen Renton)

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