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Steal a Golden Hail
AD 93
Catalogue Number
Release Date
December 6, 2019

"Are you still there?"
"Yeah so she said the body is the mind's measuring instrument or something - the mind renders information registered on its sensory surface, combines it with old info from the same source and keeps the whole accumulated stock poised to guide action"
"Hence why it sounds like this?"
"Yeah exactly"

'Steal A Golden Hail' is presented within deconstructed sleeve packaging. Each includes a unique airbrush edition, the product of a collaborative performance between Lucas Dupuy and Alex McCullough. Fastened by a plastic bolt through the centre.

Sleeve design credits:
Artistic direction by Alex McCullough
Editions by Lucas Dupuy
Documentation by Olivia Pringle

Mastered and cut by Rashad Becker.

Digital Tracklist

  1. 1 Luxury Red Pence 3:19 Buy

    Luxury Red Pence

  2. 2 Se Seven 7S 6:37 Buy

    Se Seven 7S

  3. 3 Sample Devon 5:32 Buy

    Sample Devon

  4. 4 Fluorescent Phlegm 5:12 Buy

    Fluorescent Phlegm

  5. 5 Xultext Cradle 5:27 Buy

    Xultext Cradle

  6. 6 Suction Fax 5:42 Buy

    Suction Fax

  7. 7 Maybe again, Crawl Through 4:09 Buy

    Maybe again, Crawl Through

  8. 8 Spinhaunt Coil 5:20 Buy

    Spinhaunt Coil


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